That Red House Wool Dryer Balls


100% pure wool dryer balls reduce drying time and your power bill by absorbing moisture and creating air pockets in the load for better circulation and a more even distribution of heat. They eliminate static and the need for wasteful dryer sheets, and they reduce wrinkles. A one off purchase that will last a lifetime – 100% waste free.

Simply pop three balls in your dryer with your wet clothes and let them do their magic. Pair your wool balls with one of the delightful Laundry Tonic fragrances for a stunning scent.

1 x Pack of 6 contains:
3 x grey – for darks loads
3 x white – for light loads

That Red House products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, vegan, chemical free, compostable and waste free.  The company is Australian owned and run. That Red House supports Open Heart International – an Australian based charity that performs vital work in women’s health in Nepal.

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Weight 380 g

6 pack