Elph Ceramics Bottle Vase Small Black


The Small Bottle Vase is stunningly handcrafted and designed to house small bouquets or dried posies. For a statement centrepiece group with the Medium Bottle Vase and the Tall Bottle Vase in the same or varied colours.

90mm Diameter x 100mm Height

All Elph Ceramics pieces are hand-crafted from Australian-made clays. The vases are handcrafted on the pottery wheel rendering each unique. While similar, they may not match measurements exactly.

By using locally sourced materials and manufacturing onshore Elph Ceramics are able to reduce their environmental transport cost significantly. By approaching their design process with longevity in mind Elph Ceramics ensure that they are not unnecessarily depleting resources. Their pieces are designed for everyday use and to be cherished and kept forever. This helps to reduce their environmental impact over their usable life. Elph Ceramics have installed solar panels to help offset their kiln firings. Harvested rainwater is used for production, which is filtered and used to water the garden. Clay offcuts are recycled for reuse. All the materials used in their packaging are recyclable. 

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Weight 475 g