Seljak Brand Pyramid Fringe Blanket


The Seljak Pyramid blanket is a soft, lighter-weight blanket suited to cool breezes. It can be used as a throw for the couch and the bed, for outdoor dining or taking to the moonlight cinema. This blanket is made from yarn spun in Italy out of old woollen jumpers and garments.

It is made in Lithuania from 70% recycled wool, 25% polyamide and 5% other recycled fibres. It has a fringe finish, is carbon neutral, closed-loop, sustainable and ethically made. For every blanket sold Seljak Brand donates $5 to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

“Pyramid is a memory of volcanoes scattered around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Each iconic in stature, they are like vessels that cradle forests, fields and rivers, creating a bowl of lushness. Mountains are what stay standing as weather changes and people come and go. Where there are mountains, be held.” – Karina Seljak

Made from recycled materials, carbon neutral, closed loop (Seljak will take back your blanket after you are done with it and give it a new life), sustainable, ethically made, supporters of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 180 × 130 cm

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