Kaiapuni Ma Kai Bag


All Kaiapuni products are made in Argentina using recycled nylon grain bags for the exterior and polypropylene bags for the interior. This makes the product completely waterproof.

Each bag is unique and no two are identical.

The bags are handmade by a co-op of women who live in the disadvantaged communities of Lanus Oeste and Bernal Oeste in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The women learn the skills required to make the bags and then are able to generate income for their families and communities. This empowers them to break the cycle of poverty.

All Kaiapuni products are made from recycled materials, keeping otherwise discarded items out of landfill and giving them a second life. Kaiapuni has partnered with passionate female micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world who will in turn go on to support their families and communities through these projects.

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Weight 500 g