Váhy Oil Diffuser Refill Ember Haze


This product is used to top up the scent of your Váhy Home Scent Diffuser. The scented oil dropper is made with Váhy’s 100% natural parfum.

Refresh the scent of your home diffuser by applying 3-5 drops of the oil directly onto your lava rocks, increasing the scent as desired.

Not for use on the body.

Váhy believes in offering products that are premium, clean and natural, without compromising on the quality or sophistication of their scents. Váhy products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Váhy respect the earth by using materials that leave minimal impact and they use chemical free, naturally derived, sustainable ingredients. Váhy was founded with strong core values and with the aim of encouraging people to transition to a fragrance that is better for self, better for animals and better for the environment.

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Weight 60 g