Rewild Co. Wolf’s Garden Cleanse Bar


This beautiful Cleanse Bar is hand made in small batches and is cold-processed, keeping the integrity of the ingredients.

Filled with plant extracts, it will give your skin a nourishing clean. The richness of walnut oil provides hydration, wattleseed scattered through the bar provides a gentle exfoliation and green clay will help wash away surface toxins. With aromas of violet leaf, vetiver, cedarwood and grapefruit, this is filled with deeply comforting aromas of mountain air.

Wrapped in lokta shrub paper handmade by local families in Nepal and elephant dung paper, it contains no plastics and is earth-friendly.

Pairs with the Oak EDP.

The ingredients in Rewild Co.’s scent range are natural and are free from botanical extracts. Their scents are cruelty-free, animal-free, ethically grown or wild harvested. No preservatives are used. Rewild Co. use recycled or recyclable materials at every point, from the packaging boxes to the product bags, which are locally made in southern South Australia. They are proud to celebrate and promote artisans and small batch creators.

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Weight 130 g